Friday, January 12, 2018

Invasive species fiber art - Carp, Sea Lampry and Goby

“Invasive Species”, is a series highlighting the pervasive issue of the invasion of non-native species in our local natural environment. These species arrive from global locations where natural predators keep them in check. Here they have no natural predators and populate our ecosystem, stressing our native species and in some cases destroying the natural habitat. There are more than 180 invasive or non-native species we know of currently in the Great Lakes ecosystem. The Great Lakes are one of the most heavily invaded aquatic systems in the world.

These invasive creatures are created from cloth with details added in the sashiko and boro style of Japanese embroidery which is used as decorative reinforcing stitching. Driftwood from the shore of Lake Ontario in incorporated into the artwork. The barren nature of the wood against the decorative embroidery suggests the destructive potential of the invasive species to the existing environment.

“Sea Lamprey” sits on a piece of driftwood hiding within bright green invasive vegetation, waiting to strike its prey and suck the life from it.

“Round Goby” in its enlarged size laying on the bottom on a piece of smaller driftwood has overtaken its surroundings, much like it is doing in our lakes.

“Common Carp” hangs by its tail, representing the attempt to control the invasion of this fish to environments in which it overtakes. 

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