Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kallitype Class

Last night was my second Kallitype class at the Flower City Art Center with Jon Merritt. The Kallitype process is an Iron-Silver Process and a lot more sensitive than Cyanotype. I thought it would be interesting to compare the processes.

We first create a digital negative using Photoshop. I am not so good at this, so glad I have help.

The digital negative is printed on Pictorico on a special ink jet printer with ink that dries, unlike mine at home. We then coat paper with two chemicals in a dark room and dry the paper with a hair dryer. The paper and digital negative are sandwiched and put in a special UV light box. First try was 5 minutes, second was 3 minutes. 
Then the paper and negative are separated and the paper goes into the darkroom to be developed.
Here is Jon setting up the chemicals for class.
This is my second print in the final water rinse.
And my first print on the drying rack.
They will look much different once they are dry.
More experiments with this next week.

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