Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mandala Class with Martien

I was gifted with the opportunity to attend the Heartfelt Mandala Class with Martien in "Deb's Barn".

What a great teacher and a great class in a beautiful location.
We met Sunday night for a 2 hour presentation to prep for Monday. It gave us more working time on Monday, and we came with designs in mind. 

my very uneven  circles on my mat

Design is layed out in reverse then covered with wool 

A new way of wetting using very little water. I wish I knew this before.
 The wet down bottom of the piece. 

Today is stitching, adding more design elements and getting ready to lay more wool on the bottom and felt the final piece. That will happen Wednesday.

This has been such a great class so far. The information that has been presented gave me whole new way of looking at different aspects of felting. This is a class that I would highly recommend. Martien is a wonderful and kind teacher.  She is teaching at Peters Valley in June, and in Michigan and CT before she returns to Australia.  www.martienvanzuilen@gmail.com

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