Thursday, May 26, 2016

The finished piece

The final piece finished. Edges cut and sealed but not bound 
Measures approximately 29 inches or 74 cm 

 It has several planets, and the blue nebs appear star like and it is somewhat nautical. I am hoping to mount it and hang it on the wall, because the thread work would not handle being walked on for too long, and it will make it a bit  more dog hair free to hang it. Below is a detail shot.   

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 3 at Deb's Barn for Martien's Mandala class.

I thought I had done all of my stitching last night but when I got there this morning Martien suggested some additional stitching. Then it was time to put the back on. I chose Charcoal gray to darken the bright red on the front.

 And this is the wonderful instructor Martien, so patient and with such a wonderful sense of humor. I learned a lot from her.
 After much rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling my nearly finished felted and fulled piece which needs a binding. I brought it home, hosed it down and the dog got watered. Now it's drying and then will be ready for the next step.
 And my friend Sue who is an amazing felter working on her piece which is a story of her serious car accident several years ago. She is one of the most determined people I know and very talented. It was through her that I had the chance to meet Deb.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 2 - Heartfelt Mandala class at Deb's Barn

Today was all about stitching and prepping and adding .
This is what my prefelt looked like last night when I left.

 This morning I decided to remove the 4 small white lines completely, so I pulled them up and liked it much better.
 Standing on a chair to get a top view, and I really think it was an improvement to remove them
 Then I decided to add yellow yarn I had leftover from Webs, and a few planets, I also did lots and lots of stitching. Tomorrow we will be adding the several layers of roving to the back side and making a hard felt that can be used as a rug or wall textile.

Mandala Class with Martien

I was gifted with the opportunity to attend the Heartfelt Mandala Class with Martien in "Deb's Barn".

What a great teacher and a great class in a beautiful location.
We met Sunday night for a 2 hour presentation to prep for Monday. It gave us more working time on Monday, and we came with designs in mind. 

my very uneven  circles on my mat

Design is layed out in reverse then covered with wool 

A new way of wetting using very little water. I wish I knew this before.
 The wet down bottom of the piece. 

Today is stitching, adding more design elements and getting ready to lay more wool on the bottom and felt the final piece. That will happen Wednesday.

This has been such a great class so far. The information that has been presented gave me whole new way of looking at different aspects of felting. This is a class that I would highly recommend. Martien is a wonderful and kind teacher.  She is teaching at Peters Valley in June, and in Michigan and CT before she returns to Australia.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Website launch

In the near future will take you to a new website.  This blog will be a link on that website under BLOG then click on the Blue fish.

Or you can change your bookmark to  if you are only interested in the blog.