Saturday, March 7, 2015

My 2 state scarf

Last year I had a workshop with Leiko and learned her Pine Needle technique. I wanted to play around with this a bit but make it easier to do so I used longer pieces of roving, but added a few areas with her technique and filled in some areas with merino I cut into short fibers. I did this because I used a silk organza, which in retrospect I should not have because it made it harder to felt.  I thought I had taken photos but could only find a few. I did the layout and partial felting then let it dry completely in Pennsylvania. I then rolled it up on a pool noodle and tied it off.

Four months later in New York, I unrolled the in progress scarf which had actually been slightly felted.
Added a bit more wool to it. I used merino from Outback Fibers. Wet it down and felted it. 
This is the same table, and you can see it shrunk about 30%, although I did not measure it.
Close up detail of the scarf. 

I am very happy with how this turned out and hoping it will be accepted for sale at a gallery I recently was in contact with. 

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