Friday, November 21, 2014

Part two of lions mane two sided scarf

I finished felting the dangles and laid the scarf out to dry.

When I try it on, it wraps 3 times around my neck loosely.  I was worried that the length would be too long. I think it feels a little stiff but since it is merino wool, it will probably soften up with a few wears.

I am ready to start another two sided scarf in indigo and coal. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Two sided prefelt lions mane scarf.

Earlier in the year I found a prefelt with one color on each side. Fuchia and Amethyst. the source was I thought it would be fun to try making the lions mane scarf with just the prefelt in the two colors. First I cut it in half lengthwise. I believe it was 23inch x 78 inch so I cut it to be 11-1/2 by 78.
 Wet it down and rolled it up to go on the felting machine.
Although its a prefelt, it needed to be firmed up by partially felting it. 
I rolled it for 10 minutes on the machine.
It came off firm enough to cut. I folded it off center and cut to about one inch from the fold, the length of the piece.  The ends need to be cut differently and are angled. I did not get a picture of that to show.
I wet the cut strands with warm soapy water and now will roll them out on the bamboo mat until they are felted and dangle. At this stage, I can take my time and it can take several days for me to finish felting the dangles.   I will post a picture of the finished scarf when its finished. I think this will be lighter than the lions mane scarf finished previously as I did not add any other wool to the prefelt.