Friday, April 4, 2014

Pre Guild Meeting workshop with Renate

One of my favorite all time people is Renate. She is so exuberant and just really really nice. She is also a super talented woman and was teaching a pre guild meeting workshop on different techniques for creating cracks in felt.  What turns out to be a mosaic like appearance.

The piece below is a mosaic scarf 

The piece below is mine. I took a piece of silk and applied masking tape to it in the design I wanted. I then applied merino wool roving on top in several layers. Added a bit of tencel for fun and felted the piece. Once felted I took scissors and cut the wool away in the channel left by the masking tape. This must be done very carefully so you do not cut the silk background. Then I continued to felt the edges of the cuts. My piece was just a sample size, but I can picture a top made like this.

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