Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My other passion

Last year, I had a conversation with my wonderful felting friend Heather Woollove of the famous Heather Woollove blog.  She told me I needed to get out of the house and meet real people that I can talk to. I work from home and was becoming an unhappy hermit. So I decided to take a class at the Adult evening school.
I saw Scuba, and remembered a conversation I had with a friend the week before about swimming and I had told him I always liked swimming under the docks instead of on top of the water. I have always been a very curious person.

So I signed up for a scuba diving class not really giving it much thought. Normally I do research on everything but this time I did not do any research on this, just signed up.  I had a fantastic instructor who decided to teach the class with the only student who signed up, Me!  He threw quite a few challenges at me, which only made me more determined to finish the class and dive. And I did.

I finished my certification dives at Dutch Springs and really really wanted to keep diving but had no one to dive with. I started researching on the web and found Indian Valley Scuba and the really nice Dave V. who told me they had a trailer at Dutch Springs and just come up and they would find someone to dive with me.
So I did and they did. I met Pete, Dave O, Denise, Jay and a bunch of other really nice people who did not mind me hanging around diving with them.

Most people do not realize I have always been a very shy person.  Since I started diving a whole new world has opened up for me and I have embraced it. It's a very social sport, and there are many really nice and friendly people who dive. I was afraid I would not be able to find people to dive with me but I have not only found people to dive with me, but experienced divers (Jeff, John, Donald...) who I can go to for advice who have become good friends.

This is a video I took last year with my go pro on a dive at Dutch Springs with Donald. Diving season is starting up soon here and I am patiently waiting to get back under the water.

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