Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lions Mane Scarf - Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Program

Today was the first day of the NEFG April Meeting and the Program/workshop day. Due to a last minute scheduling conflict we had Renate teaching us how to make what I call a Lion Mane Scarf.

I migrated towards the turquoise blue but decided to move out of my comfort zone and went with a rich red prefelt 15 x 70 inches long.  I had brought with me a yellow prefelt which I cut into 1 inch width and layed that on the edge of the red. I then put down a gold wool to soften the inside and then some tencel that I had dyed a golden color previously.  towards the top of the picture you see the yellow prefelt. The left side shows the gold on top of the yellow prefelt, and the right side bottom has the tencel as a top layer.

Once felted the edges are cut approximately 3/4 of an inch in strips. 
They are then bundled with the tops up and rolled in your hands to round them out, felting them more. 

The scarf is folded in half while cutting so both sides are similar lengths and widths. 

And the finished scarf on me looks like a Lion's Mane according to my daughter. many people commented on how the tencel added a glow to the tips of the scarf. 
I really was pleased with the results and I think I will love wearing this scarf. 

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