Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dabbling in Red

One of the new friends I made this year was intrigued by my felting and I went to show him some of my work. He wanted me to make a scarf for his wife for Christmas but asked me if I ever did any other colors. They wanted Red. I almost never work in red but looked forward to the chance to do so.

I found a red they liked and made this scarf with a red merino top.  His wife likes red and is very spunky and fun, so I did dandelion/sparkler type flowers out a a yellow tencel with green tencel stems.  I dyed the tencel myself to get the colors I was looking for. The scarf came out really well and she really liked it a lot. I actually made 3 different scarves and let her take her pick. She picked the one I designed first for her.

I enjoyed working with the tencel and it felts in really well. It also takes dye quite nicely. 

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