Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lions Mane Scarf - Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Program

Today was the first day of the NEFG April Meeting and the Program/workshop day. Due to a last minute scheduling conflict we had Renate teaching us how to make what I call a Lion Mane Scarf.

I migrated towards the turquoise blue but decided to move out of my comfort zone and went with a rich red prefelt 15 x 70 inches long.  I had brought with me a yellow prefelt which I cut into 1 inch width and layed that on the edge of the red. I then put down a gold wool to soften the inside and then some tencel that I had dyed a golden color previously.  towards the top of the picture you see the yellow prefelt. The left side shows the gold on top of the yellow prefelt, and the right side bottom has the tencel as a top layer.

Once felted the edges are cut approximately 3/4 of an inch in strips. 
They are then bundled with the tops up and rolled in your hands to round them out, felting them more. 

The scarf is folded in half while cutting so both sides are similar lengths and widths. 

And the finished scarf on me looks like a Lion's Mane according to my daughter. many people commented on how the tencel added a glow to the tips of the scarf. 
I really was pleased with the results and I think I will love wearing this scarf. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pre Guild Meeting workshop with Renate

One of my favorite all time people is Renate. She is so exuberant and just really really nice. She is also a super talented woman and was teaching a pre guild meeting workshop on different techniques for creating cracks in felt.  What turns out to be a mosaic like appearance.

The piece below is a mosaic scarf 

The piece below is mine. I took a piece of silk and applied masking tape to it in the design I wanted. I then applied merino wool roving on top in several layers. Added a bit of tencel for fun and felted the piece. Once felted I took scissors and cut the wool away in the channel left by the masking tape. This must be done very carefully so you do not cut the silk background. Then I continued to felt the edges of the cuts. My piece was just a sample size, but I can picture a top made like this.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dabbling in Red

One of the new friends I made this year was intrigued by my felting and I went to show him some of my work. He wanted me to make a scarf for his wife for Christmas but asked me if I ever did any other colors. They wanted Red. I almost never work in red but looked forward to the chance to do so.

I found a red they liked and made this scarf with a red merino top.  His wife likes red and is very spunky and fun, so I did dandelion/sparkler type flowers out a a yellow tencel with green tencel stems.  I dyed the tencel myself to get the colors I was looking for. The scarf came out really well and she really liked it a lot. I actually made 3 different scarves and let her take her pick. She picked the one I designed first for her.

I enjoyed working with the tencel and it felts in really well. It also takes dye quite nicely. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nuno felted scarf - Great Barrier Reef Blue Merino

This year I have made several scarves as custom orders for different people. This one turned out really nice.
I measure the habotai silk out and fold over the sides about two inches. I use a spray bottle to wet it as I am turning the sides so it stays in place. Placing the merino wool on the edge of the fold so that the silk will ruffle on the edges and the seam is hidden.  The inside of the silk gets the design.
It then gets wetted down with soapy water and rolled up. I put it on the rolling machine for about 15 to 30 minutes and take it off to finish it by hand.

The new owner of this scarf liked it quite a bit.  I have another scarf I need to begin working on next week for another person and am thinking of what design to use in the center.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My other passion

Last year, I had a conversation with my wonderful felting friend Heather Woollove of the famous Heather Woollove blog.  She told me I needed to get out of the house and meet real people that I can talk to. I work from home and was becoming an unhappy hermit. So I decided to take a class at the Adult evening school.
I saw Scuba, and remembered a conversation I had with a friend the week before about swimming and I had told him I always liked swimming under the docks instead of on top of the water. I have always been a very curious person.

So I signed up for a scuba diving class not really giving it much thought. Normally I do research on everything but this time I did not do any research on this, just signed up.  I had a fantastic instructor who decided to teach the class with the only student who signed up, Me!  He threw quite a few challenges at me, which only made me more determined to finish the class and dive. And I did.

I finished my certification dives at Dutch Springs and really really wanted to keep diving but had no one to dive with. I started researching on the web and found Indian Valley Scuba and the really nice Dave V. who told me they had a trailer at Dutch Springs and just come up and they would find someone to dive with me.
So I did and they did. I met Pete, Dave O, Denise, Jay and a bunch of other really nice people who did not mind me hanging around diving with them.

Most people do not realize I have always been a very shy person.  Since I started diving a whole new world has opened up for me and I have embraced it. It's a very social sport, and there are many really nice and friendly people who dive. I was afraid I would not be able to find people to dive with me but I have not only found people to dive with me, but experienced divers (Jeff, John, Donald...) who I can go to for advice who have become good friends.

This is a video I took last year with my go pro on a dive at Dutch Springs with Donald. Diving season is starting up soon here and I am patiently waiting to get back under the water.