Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finished coats

I do not remember everyone's name. Actually there was a woman there that I knew but I did not recognize because I am really bad at that sometimes. Finally, and thankfully she said "Do you realize we know each other" or something like that. I proceeded to tell her how awful I am at faces and names and she was wonderfully understanding.  Anyway, here are some of the finished coats.
 This woman was local, and very happy. Her table was next to mine. Her coat was lovely. She is 5 months pregnant and was worried about it being to big later on. She can always shrink it a bit to fit if she needs to.

This one is Lori's. This picture does not do the coat justice. Its beautiful .

This short sleeved vest coat is Veronica's.  She put two panels in the back of a shimmery fabric and it looked really nice.  You can see the gusset in the back of her vest. Everyone did a gussett but me. Veronica's table was on the other side of me and she is a very talented felter who does not realize it yet. Lori and I had fun picking on her and she was a good sport.

I think this was Kitty from Texas. She did this beautiful short sleeved coat in red. I really loved the way she decorated it.  It looks more like a dress to me.

I have absolutely no idea what this woman's name is or where she is from but she did a beautiful long sleeved coat that looks fantastic on her. I love the color on this, and it does help that she has long pants on instead of bare legs with shoes good to stand in showing at the bottom.

And this lovely coat was made by a woman from Argentina I think. It looks very lovely in white on white with the gray at the bottom.  I think I am going to make a shorter coat in white that I can wear more than the blue one.

There were ten of us there but I don't think I have photos of everyone. Not sure how that happened.
More in my next post. 


  1. Fantastic photos, Linda!! Now we need a close-up of yours!! XXO-

  2. I know. I am trying to get some from the other felters. I can always have you take a few of me when we get together.