Monday, June 25, 2012

Coat Class with Charity

I spent the last few days at Chris White's store New England Felting Supply in Easthampton Massachusetts taking a class with Charity on Coat Making.  I am big fan of her work and was really looking forward to this class. The first day we made our templates and started laying out the coat.  Mine was knee length with long sleeves and big collar. The coat overlaps in the front.  I was not sure how we would finish in 3 days but amazingly I was done in 2-1/2 days.

The coats are nuno felted on silk.  I am not sure I could even explain how this was done but I could do it again from memory.

Here is the bag of materials used in the coat with the addition of a few other silk pieces I had with me or purchased.

She kept on getting me to add more and more stuff. Way out of my comfort zone but it was fun and turned out really nice.

Good thing there was a laundromat down the block because we put the wrapped pieces in the commercial dryers to felt it. I was amazed at how well that worked. 

The final photo of us in our fancy new coats. Now you have to picture us in something other than sneakers. She was going to make us take our shoes off because they did not fit the theme of the coats real well.


  1. Just fantastic, Linda!!!!!! What an amazing workshop you had. I can't wait to see the coat 'in person'. XXO-

  2. Heather I cannot wait to show you this and tell you all about how we made them. I can see you in an Orange coat!

  3. Oooohhhh....Gorgeous coats!!! Can't wait for Charity's arrival in Michigan. If my jacket/coat turns out half as nicely as yours, I will be happy as a clam.

    Big Hugs,

  4. I think you will make a beautiful coat. How can you not with Charity. She is such a nice person, and keeps you on track while having fun.
    I am hoping to start on a smaller coat this weekend. Dawn, you will love her class. I do wonder how happy clams really are though, living in the mud, in a shell their whole life until someone digs them up and eats them.