Thursday, April 5, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 5

More Show and Tell.  I drove up to the guild meeting with Renate who is a wonderful, enthusiastic and positive person who was telling me all about a class she is teaching where the kids make felt balls, cut them in half so they go home with half and the other half is being felted into a piece of organza to spell out colors in Braille.
 Yes there are men who felt and this next piece was done by Garth who has taken trips into the Grand Canyon and is reproducing his trip in felt.
 Jenny who took an embroidery class and showed her sample. I have an affinity for fish so I had to show this one. Love this fish!
 Susan who is an Art restorer and has been teaching us about how to frame felt art so it lasts. This is her piece from the Creation Myth Guild show.  A very talented and knowledgeable woman. 
So many more pictures I took that did not come out because people were moving and made for blurry felt.
It is an amazing group of talented people who support each other.  I really love the time I spend with this group.


  1. All are wonderful pieces. The Grand Canyon is particular impressive and the last one of framed way is outstanding.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  2. Thanks Terrie. I agree. The members of the guild do some very incredible work.