Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 3

Show and tell is one of my favorite events at the meeting. At one of my first meetings one of the members Joei brought in a few pieces she had made and talked about making a quilt for her bed. All her own designs and silk with felt.  I finally got to see the results. All the pictures are from the top of the quilt. Just an amazing beautiful work of art.

 Another talented guild member is Linda Veilleux. She created this wonderful coat with painted silk and felt.If it would have fit me I think I would have tried to sneak out with it on, hee hee.
 Linda teaches and has a class teaching the skirt and top below. I so want to take a class with her and learn how to sew from a pro.
Lots more show and tell to come.


  1. I love that shot of Joei's quilt! I couldn't get close enough. I look forward to more of your photos. Will you upload to the yahoo group?

  2. I will upload to the guild yahoo group soon. It is beautiful and she is so talented.

  3. What awesome photos, Linda! (Jealous=me!)
    It's thrilling to see Joei's finished bed covering! I didn't know that she had finally completed it!
    ...and the photos of Linda's work just makes me anxious for my class with her this Fall!
    Happy Easter, my friend!