Sunday, April 1, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 1

This is the Tenth anniversary of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild and we had our first meeting of the year in Portland CT.  Chris White who was the Guild founder was present and led the workshop for a group of approximately 40 people.  We played with Pelsul  and wow does that really felt rock hard. 
Here is Gumby showing how fluffy the 12 x 12 with 2 layers of wool is.

 Gumby is showing the wetted wool that has been worked a little but not yet rolled.
 Gumby was put to work rolling the wool when I needed a break.
 This is the almost finished piece, with Gumby displaying the size difference and shrinkage.

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  1. What a gorgeous grey and beautiful finished felt that is, Linda!!