Tuesday, April 24, 2012

felt and leather kindle cover

 I have made several kindle covers but wanted one that I could use to hold the kindle and not take it off and put it somewhere I would misplace it. I felted a piece of prefelt to a hardness I liked and cut a piece of deerskin that fit. The deerskin has been laying around the house for years from a past collision my husband had many many years ago. I cut the felt then cut the deerskin to match and glued them together with pva glue.
 I put 4 little velcro dots on the back of the kindle - the hook velcro not the loop and attach it to the felt.
It sticks quite nice and can still be removed.
 Adding a piece of deerskin showing the reverse side made a few slices to add some interest and temporarily put a safety pin on the end so I can close it until I get a better closure. 
The closed kindle cover with kindle inside.  I wanted felt on the inside so I could use the velcro to attach it.
I wanted the leather on the outside because I don't like the way the felt pills and wears. My kindle gets a lot of use and is in and out of my pocketbook often.  This will wear better.  It also is a soft case so I can scrunch it in my hands to hold it and its easier to hold and read than just the kindle alone.

It reminds me of a leather journal and I like it.


  1. Linda--This turned out so well! I LOVE the addition of the leather, and you're right...it does look like a handmade journal!!

  2. A good protection to the kindle and nice combination of two materials.

  3. Yes I like the way the materials combine. And I will not be forgetting where I put the kindle cover.