Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilting Bug

Baby boy quilt using leftover pieces from the physics quilt

Close up

So I have been making quilt tops.  Have all the ingredients for the twin quilt, but also put some strips of baby boy quilt together.  I am using this animal print on the back so its reversible. Fun putting it together but my back hurts again from sewing. I just need to make the quilt layer and do the quilting.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

felt and leather kindle cover

 I have made several kindle covers but wanted one that I could use to hold the kindle and not take it off and put it somewhere I would misplace it. I felted a piece of prefelt to a hardness I liked and cut a piece of deerskin that fit. The deerskin has been laying around the house for years from a past collision my husband had many many years ago. I cut the felt then cut the deerskin to match and glued them together with pva glue.
 I put 4 little velcro dots on the back of the kindle - the hook velcro not the loop and attach it to the felt.
It sticks quite nice and can still be removed.
 Adding a piece of deerskin showing the reverse side made a few slices to add some interest and temporarily put a safety pin on the end so I can close it until I get a better closure. 
The closed kindle cover with kindle inside.  I wanted felt on the inside so I could use the velcro to attach it.
I wanted the leather on the outside because I don't like the way the felt pills and wears. My kindle gets a lot of use and is in and out of my pocketbook often.  This will wear better.  It also is a soft case so I can scrunch it in my hands to hold it and its easier to hold and read than just the kindle alone.

It reminds me of a leather journal and I like it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Physics in a quilt

Lately we have been talking about Physics. Long story that I will not go into now, but I was wondering If I were to visualize it what would Physics look like. It might make a nice quilt. I searched images for physics and found several. That led me to a fabric site where I searched for fabrics that would fit the images that I saw.
I like doing strip quilts so decided on a pattern in one of my strip quilt books and modified it, of course.

Fabric cut into 6-1/2 inch wide strips and sewn together somewhat randomly. Then cut into 5-1/2, 4 and 2-1/2 inch strips the other direction. Then sewed those strips together making sure the corners don't match.

 atomic stars, blue circles, purple and dark dark blue with color variations in it and fabric called string theory.
Ready to have a solid border sewed on, then I have to get the back ready, find the batting and quilt.
It is a twin bed size. I like it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 5

More Show and Tell.  I drove up to the guild meeting with Renate who is a wonderful, enthusiastic and positive person who was telling me all about a class she is teaching where the kids make felt balls, cut them in half so they go home with half and the other half is being felted into a piece of organza to spell out colors in Braille.
 Yes there are men who felt and this next piece was done by Garth who has taken trips into the Grand Canyon and is reproducing his trip in felt.
 Jenny who took an embroidery class and showed her sample. I have an affinity for fish so I had to show this one. Love this fish!
 Susan who is an Art restorer and has been teaching us about how to frame felt art so it lasts. This is her piece from the Creation Myth Guild show.  A very talented and knowledgeable woman. 
So many more pictures I took that did not come out because people were moving and made for blurry felt.
It is an amazing group of talented people who support each other.  I really love the time I spend with this group.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 4

Several of our members have taken the butterfly shawl class with Jean G.  and showed us the results.

 Flo's buttoned 2 ways so she can wear it differently.   Carol made hers into a jacket.  Both beautiful and unique. That class is one on my list to take sometime.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 3

Show and tell is one of my favorite events at the meeting. At one of my first meetings one of the members Joei brought in a few pieces she had made and talked about making a quilt for her bed. All her own designs and silk with felt.  I finally got to see the results. All the pictures are from the top of the quilt. Just an amazing beautiful work of art.

 Another talented guild member is Linda Veilleux. She created this wonderful coat with painted silk and felt.If it would have fit me I think I would have tried to sneak out with it on, hee hee.
 Linda teaches and has a class teaching the skirt and top below. I so want to take a class with her and learn how to sew from a pro.
Lots more show and tell to come.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 2

As we were celebrating our 10th Anniversary we enjoyed cake for desert at lunch.
 Chris White discussing the properties of wool with us.
 The Guild is creating a wall hanging with members making 4 inch x 4 inch blocks that will be sewn together reading Northeast Feltmakers Guild, 2002-2012.  These are a few of the blocks collected.
 What do you get when you give 30 + feltmakers the same pattern and same quantity of wool ...
30 + different objects from hats to vessels and more.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting Part 1

This is the Tenth anniversary of the Northeast Feltmakers Guild and we had our first meeting of the year in Portland CT.  Chris White who was the Guild founder was present and led the workshop for a group of approximately 40 people.  We played with Pelsul  and wow does that really felt rock hard. 
Here is Gumby showing how fluffy the 12 x 12 with 2 layers of wool is.

 Gumby is showing the wetted wool that has been worked a little but not yet rolled.
 Gumby was put to work rolling the wool when I needed a break.
 This is the almost finished piece, with Gumby displaying the size difference and shrinkage.