Monday, February 20, 2012

Felted Lampshade completed

I have 3 lamps in the house from IKEA that I love. They can be moved around in different directions where you need the light. I don't like the fact that the lampshade is plastic. The most often used lamp had the plastic shade cracking. So I took it off and designed a lampshade out of felt.

I used a prefelt from my enormous stash of wool, and used my niece Bethany's design from her book, laying out some silk roving, then covered with prefelt on the top.

This is the felted piece.

And this is the felted piece hanging in front of the window illuminated by the ambient light.

Since the plastic shade was held up by three screwy things that attached to three wires jutting out from the light base, I had to create a lampshade. I had to use two different sized bamboo embroidery hoops, one on the bottom and one on the top and the uprights were chopsticks from a downtown Philadelphia Korean Restaurant called Giwa. I am lucky to have picked up a bundle of embroidery hoops at a local thrift shop awhile ago, so did not feel bad about breaking up two pairs.  I drilled three holes in the bottom piece and made sure they fit properly with the wire/screw thingie.  I sewed the lampshade by hand and on the inside sewed 4 felt strips to hold the upright chopstick supports to give the lamp the vertical support it needed. Here is the lampshade lit up with the design showing through. 

It makes the lamp much less contemporary and it actually fits the living room better than it did before. I like it.


  1. Linda--It looks wonderful...and I'm impressed with all of the engineering that it took to get it to fit so beautifully!!

  2. It looks much better in person that my photos can show. But thank you.