Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding and a walk in the woods.

This past weekend we drove to North Carolina to attend my beautiful niece's wedding.  We left at 5 AM Saturday, got there around 1230PM had lunch, checked into the hotel and off we went to the practice and practice dinner.  It always amazes me the positions that my daughter can sleep in. This is how I found her at the dinner. The friends that they have down there are very generous, and friendly.

The next day I had time to go for a walk at Falls Lake Rec Area.  I find walking along the shore very relaxing.

I took a bunch of photos for felting. Great texture pictures that I will post next time.  Here is a quick look.
I played driver and took Jim fishing, got lunch, Picked Jim up, took Julia to the church, came  back to hotel, picked up Kim and Jim and back to the wedding.

 The bride was beautiful and the groom handsome. He is in the military and may be deployed soon. A very nice young man and amazingly calm throughout it all.  Bethany, is a long arm quilter and has just had a book published with her original designs.  She used some of her designs on the wedding cake which was yummy.
Arrived home last night around 530PM. It was a hectic three days and really nice to be home again and see my doggies.   I have so much more to tell. I want to show pictures of the lake walk and tell you all about her book which I find inspiring. More to come tomorrow.

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