Monday, December 26, 2011

Art in our house

My daughter is a very talented young woman and is working hard on her art. She is hoping to get into Rhode Island School of design, and I hope she does also.

Sometimes its hard living with an artist when you are in a small house and both want to create at the same time. I cannot sew when she is drawing because we both need the kitchen table. Since her work is homework and needed for portfolio, I let her draw.

 She was always easy to entertain as I could carry crayons or a pencil and paper with me everywhere and she would draw happily. She still draws happily, and often I come across objects in the house with drawings. Recently the lids of the creamer in the fridge had faces.

Tonight it was "meat face" drawn with a fork on the plastic covering of defrosting meat. Temporary artwork.


  1. Hahaha...very creative! Happy New Year!!

  2. My daughter has astounded me with her ability since she was little. And we ate meatface last night and it tasted wonderful