Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New felting book to read

I was looking somewhere online and saw this new felting book. "From felt to fabric, new techniques in Nuno felting"  By Catherine O"Leary. So I ordered it and it arrived the other day.  What a great book.  I have other nuno felt books which are nice too, however, this one I find inspiring.

Her idea of creating nuno prefelts that can be cut up and used in other pieces I find very inspiring. Right now my felt studio is in the basement of the house and with all the rain and flooding we had a lot of water in the basement so everything got moved up to the table.  I do also felt small pieces in the kitchen. With this nuno felt technique of making nuno prefelts, I could make small pieces in the kitchen and then when I can get back down to the studio, I will be able to use them in a bigger piece.

This book is not for the beginner because it does not offer the step by step. It is more focused on design.
I love the colors and its a great inspiration.  The author is from Australia and I have never met her before.
Its produced by Lark Crafts for $19.95 but I picked it up via Amazon for much less.


  1. Owning the inspiring book can be so happy. I also got my other reference books from Amazon at less price. I tried to see a few pages of your book but no revewl. Wish you find nuno felt interesting. I'm hooked to it.

    Enjoy it.

    Terrie from Hong Kong

  2. I like nuno felting and this book gives me ideas for making smaller pieces and then combining them to make a larger piece.

  3. I'll have to get this book, I love nuno felting and am always looking for new projects. I found you on fiber arts bloggers, I just joined them and am so glad to find other felters. My blog is i felt like it.
    Your work is great, look forward to seeing more of it. Terry