Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New felting book to read

I was looking somewhere online and saw this new felting book. "From felt to fabric, new techniques in Nuno felting"  By Catherine O"Leary. So I ordered it and it arrived the other day.  What a great book.  I have other nuno felt books which are nice too, however, this one I find inspiring.

Her idea of creating nuno prefelts that can be cut up and used in other pieces I find very inspiring. Right now my felt studio is in the basement of the house and with all the rain and flooding we had a lot of water in the basement so everything got moved up to the table.  I do also felt small pieces in the kitchen. With this nuno felt technique of making nuno prefelts, I could make small pieces in the kitchen and then when I can get back down to the studio, I will be able to use them in a bigger piece.

This book is not for the beginner because it does not offer the step by step. It is more focused on design.
I love the colors and its a great inspiration.  The author is from Australia and I have never met her before.
Its produced by Lark Crafts for $19.95 but I picked it up via Amazon for much less.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tileworks, Fonthill, and Doylestown

I have some friends visiting so I took them to Doylestown, PA for the day. Its a cute little town, with neat shops and some pretty interesting things. One of them is the Moravian Tileworks and Fonthill.  There was a man named Henry Mercer who built these with concrete and tiles. These pictures are of the tileworks. Its a functioning pottery where they make tiles today.

Mercer also built a 6 story castle called Fonthill which is a museum and can be toured. It is facinating to see the tiles and mosaics that he made or collected from around the world.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Felt United Day

In honor of the third international day of felt, 
I created this piece at the Creative felt Gathering. I finished it up on Saturday.

It was designed to be a knapsack, messenger bag with a front pocket for a water bottle and an inside pocket. The red leather strap was made from an old leather jacket that was hanging in the attic, waiting to be recycled. It is connected on one side to a loop that was incorporated into the design and has a clip on the other end. The loop on the bottom can be used to clip the front flap and also to have the leather strap threaded through for use as a knapsack. I used it this weekend and I do like it.  I like the versatility of the strap.