Monday, August 15, 2011

Chickens, Rice and Dog food

I have been making these bags from used woven plastic dog food bags and hammock rope for the handle. They have apparantly become very popular, and I have had requests for some of them. Always trying to reuse and recycle, I talk about the bags when someone says they have a dog. At a recent wedding, I was talking to Aunt Pat who raises chickens. I sent her the instructions for the bags and she sent me a few chicken feed bags and a rice bag.  I had fun making these as they are not the usual dog food. Perhaps I will start making dog food bags with the graphics on the outside.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peace Felt pieces done

This year I am participating in Each participant makes a peace felt, and ships it to a partner. You also receive a peace felt from someone.   My partner is a quilter who lives in California. I decided to do a pin cushion ball and needle book for her.

 This pin cushion ball has a dove holding an olive branch. I have a pin in for its eye. Its a very hard felted ball.
 This is a needle book with a dove on the front. The background is blue with the inside being white
 I sewed around the edges to even them out and am not shipping with needles.  Waiting for it to dry before mailing it.
This was a fun thing to do. I am excited to see what I receive.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Northeast Feltmakers Guild Meeting in NH.

Had a wonderful time in New Hampshire at the Guild Meeting learning from Nan all about silk painting with the other guild members.

 I learned so much from her and from watching the others work with the silk.
 Ginny did a beautiful design in yellow.
 This was my fern silk painting.
 Julia's second piece just amazing.

Not sure who did this one but I like it.

 A show and tell piece I just love this.
 Silk flowers cut out and felted another one I love.
 This is just very cool.
This is not a great shot but its a blanket that I fell in love with.  Very light weight and beautifully done.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wildlife and family fun

Headed up to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to have a small family reunion of sorts. Lots of good food from Kim's kitchen. I went Kayaking and geocaching on Monday.  First I saw a doe and fawn, then a porcupine, then a bald eagle.  Later as I was paddling away from an island, another eagle flew 20 feet over my head with a big fish in its claws.  Lots of blue herons also.

Back at Kim's a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk landed in a tree just off her deck and we spent a good 20 minutes looking at it. Got this shot with my camera.
Chipmunks and deer also were photographed.