Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teaching Nuno felting and weaving on pins..

There is a woman I met at the library (Sara) who wanted to learn nuno felting so I had her come over Sunday afternoon and we spent 5 hours in the studio. She created a beautiful piece but I had to send her home with it only partially done.  I will see her on Thursday and hope to get pictures and check to make sure its felted enough. Hoping to have her come back soon for more felting fun. 

While I was helping her I snooped around in my bins and found a pin weaving half done for a fiber art card. I took it upstairs and finished it. Then started another one.  Its a nice little take with you to keep your hands busy kind of thing.

I made Sara a small pin weaving board that I will give her Thursday. She does a lot of knitting and has bits of yarn left over.  The board is very easy to make. Here is mine with another weaving. I take two pieces of foam core and duct tape them together around 3 edges. Tape a piece of graph paper on the front which helps me to align my pins evenly. The pins are actually these super heavy duty "Bank Pins" purchased from Halcyon Yarn in Maine. A thimble helps and I push them in at an angle. I warped this with some heavy pearle cotton thread. Then just get a blunt end needle to use to start weaving. The one I am using here is a bamboo needle with an end that curves up.  I use a bamboo skewer that is sold for cooking as a pick up if I need to.
Pin weaving allows you to weave different shapes and I have done circular shapes in the past. Eventually you will need to move the pins to a new spot and then flip the board and replace it, but its a quick and easy make.
I use thread, selvedges that have been cut off from fabric, pieces of felted wool cut into stips, yarn of course and what ever else I have as the weft.  I keep a bag where I put my scraps and raid it when I do pin weaving.