Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gyotaku fish printing

Yes I am somewhat obsessed with fish, mainly because I have spent so many years fishing, for fun, in tournaments and as a kid.  Last night I got a chance to do something I have always wanted to try. Making a fish print.  Also known as Gyotaku.

 I recently joined the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman which has opened up the local Bucks County Chapter to me. Last night I went to the meeting, mainly to see what the group was like, and because of the fish printing.  OK so it was more like because of the fish printing.  Its a very nice group of talented people but let me tell you about the Fish printing demo.  It was awesome!

Michael Reimer did several fish printings of a Crevalle Jack. Yes it was a real fish.  He showed us how he makes a foam bed of sorts to keep the fish stable, inking up the fish and the careful placement of paper and the rubbing.

I never thought I would actually get to make a fish print, but he asked if anyone wanted to and in my excitement I jumped up and said "I want to".  His are so much better but for a first timer I think I did a nice job. 

Take a look at his web site. I am drooling over the walleye print he did but its way out of my price range.  


  1. Linda,
    That is so cool! You must have been smiling! I love fish prints. My son is an avid fisherman but only catch and release. Maybe ink up a fish and clean it off?


  2. I was smiling. It was fun. According to Michael you have to clean the fish of all the slime before you can print it so not sure how well a live one would work. Live fish need the slime to survive.