Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Up and Coming Artist on Outback fibers website

Back in November I showed my friends daughter how to make felt flowers. She wanted to raise some money for a trip so I left her with a few supplies and Jill Gully's name and website. Jill has now featured Haley on her website up and coming artist section.  Go Haley!!  www.outbackfibers.com is Jill's site.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Illuminated felt in Renesslaerville NY

I traveled up to NY this last weekend with several felting friends Gail, Dolly (&Hammy) and Maryann to the Illuminated Felt Workshop by Sharon Costello. We stayed in the Village Inn aka Bells which was run by a wonderful woman named Edith who made us awesome breakfast every morning. After a visit to the Library we headed to the place next door for happy hour and got happy.

Then went to Sharon's and got happier.

The next morning Dolly and I took a walk to the preserve to see the waterfalls.

Then on to Sharon's workshop where she showed us numerous samples of ways to do the felt so it looks interesting illuminated.  I have not always done samples but am becoming a huge fan of sampling after this.

So we started working on our felt, some of us quicker since we knew we had to leave by 2 on Sunday.
 The blue one in the front is mine. Below is Diane's Piece. She is very talented.

 Dolly's lamp which Hammy is proudly posing in front of.
 Maryann's lamp which looks wonderful when illuminated but will not photograph for me nicely that way.

Gail's piece which did not have time to get illuminated but looks beautiful.

 We ended with some sillyness, diane with her illuminated head flower and below Dolly and Gail trying to cram everything back into the car so we could leave for home.
We were a bit more subdued on the way home but did learn about Cow Magnets from Gail who is always entertaining, and of course Dolly's catnapper story.  It was nice to arrive home where it was much warmer, and greener.  I am hoping the four of us and a few other felters can get together sometime in the near future.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paris in Philadelphia at the flower show

Well, even with the time change, we made it to the Flower Show in Philadelphia.When you walk in it looks like you are entering a different place entirely as you are greeted with a replicated piece of the Eiffel Tower.

 So there were flower animals and of course a fish

and I love the color of the tulips in this picture under the fish.

I think this gate is fantastic as well.

I did not take as many pictures this year but rather enjoyed the sights.  I think I liked last years show a bit better. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The story of Dangun - finally finished and photographed

Thanks to my lovely daughter Julia for taking pictures for me, and to my husband Jim for making the wrought iron frame for the piece, and to Diane C for her wonderful advice and to the Chungs for helping with the Korean text and not minding too bad that I woke them up early to do it.

The myth of Dangun is the Korean Creation Myth. This piece will be in the NorthEast Feltmakers Guild exhibit next year, details still being worked out.  I have been working feverishly to get this done. 

About 5000 years ago, there were Hwanin, king of heaven, and Hwanwoong.
Hwanwoong liked the human world rather than heaven. So father gave him 3,000 servants and gods who control wind, clouds, and rain and sent him to human world. Hwanwoong became king of the world and helped them.

There was a bear and a tiger where Hwanwoong came to. Bear and tiger begged Hwanwoong to make them human. So Hwanwoon gave them a handful of artemisia and 20 garlics and said "If you eat this and stay in the cave without coming for 100 days, then you will be human." Like Hwanwoong said bear stayed in the cave and became beautiful lady, but tiger couldn't stay and couldn't become human.

Bear who became a lady is named Woongnyu. But Woongnyu prayed for marrige and baby. So Hwanwoong became human for a moment and married her. So she gave a birth to a boy, who is the founder of Korean, Dangun. After Dangun became king, he named the country 'GoChosun'. And he ruled the country well for 1,500 years.

Dangun is still respected as the founder of Korean. For example, there is temple serves Hwanin, Hwanwoong, and Dangun's soul; there is religion which respect Dangun as a god. In present time, Korean is celebrating Oct. 3rd as the national foundation day of Korea when Dangun first founded country.