Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creation Myth - round 3

Ok so the Primordial Soup idea did not work out, nor did the big bang, so I began a new search for a creation myth.  For Christmas my daughter gave me a book on Traditional patterns in Japanese Design and there was a great tiger in there that caught my eye. I knew I wanted to do it in felt.

I found a few Creation Myths with tigers and decided on the Korean Creation Myth. I am taking the middle part of the myth for my piece. A bear and a tiger lived in a cave and every day passed a tree and prayed to the divine king to be made human. So the divine king tells them if they live in the cave for 100 days eating only garlic and mugwort he will make them human.  Tiger fails at this, but Bear does not and becomes human. The myth has parts before and after this section but this is the part I am working on.

I am collaborating (hopefully) with my husband who will be making a wrought iron frame with 3 panels much like a room screen but only about 12 inches high. I will have the tiger on one side, something in the middle and the bear on the right.

So far I am very happy with tiger although he needs to be wet felted to set and maybe a little fine tuning yet.

This is for the Northeast feltmakers guild 2012 exhibit "Creation Myths"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Bang - waiting for wool

So I am working on a piece for the Creation Myths show by the NEFGuild and the deadline is approaching. I had already started on a few pieces that I was not happy with the way they were looking. I have these pieces taped down to muslin and am awaiting the wool I need to finish the piece today. They are taped just to hold them into place. I have no idea if what I have in mind will work but I guess I will find out. I am trying to use colors that I don't normally felt with.  Even if this idea fails, I will at least have tried and learned something from it.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Captivation Collaboration

This is a great blog started by Ulia.  I know her very well.  She has been taking some awesome pictures and I hope she continues with her 365 x 1  A photo a day for 2011.