Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A South African felter

I received an email from a felter in South Africa who makes some very beautiful pieces. She was asking about some information I had on silk paper for felting.

 From Pascale in South Africa
It is a lonely world for felters out here. There are just a handful of us and spread very far apart so we learn by google, and then try our own things out. It is still a bit confusing for people in South Africa as to what felt actually is, because although we are the fourth largest producer of merino in the world, it has all been exported for many years, mainly to Germany, Italy and Spain, who make it into their exciting and beautiful yarn, and clothing etc. So if I want to buy 100% yarn, it comes from overseas. Very dispiriting. So I make my own yarn as well and dye it too and often use it in felting projects. Most of my customers are from Europe and some from America, but I haven’t got any marketing things in place – no time.

I got excited by felting because it is so quick and you can literally do anything with it and all my creative nature comes out. 

Here are some photos of what she makes or has made in the past. This is just beautiful work. I wanted to share with her permission.


  1. She makes very nice things! I wish her all the best. We felters in Southern Spain have a little bit the same problem. Have to buy wool in other countries and we also learn by the internet and from each other. So Pascale I'm really pleased to see your work and that you've contact somebody to spread the word!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Cariños de Trudis

  2. Stumbled into your blog and found so many wonderful topics. I'm from Hong Kong, tropical climate region. Wool felt is not that popular but I'm really addicted to it just last year when I learnt some skills from UK and searched internet. Happy to know you and your sharing of other sites. Your shots are great. Will follow you.