Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quilt Show in Oaks

My daughter and I went to the quilt show today in Oaks.  She took the pictures and I am not sure there are photos of all the ones I like but here are a few.  I liked this one because of the unique way they used the different types of fabrice. You cannot tell from this, but the buildings were done in different upholstery fabric and even burlap. It added great texture to the piece.

I liked this quilt because of the sheep. Each one was done in a different way, and many were using wool that looked like it had been felted.
This one was really cool. Reminded me of the sun.  Gradient dyed fabric doilies were used and it would look nice in my kitchen with my sun collection.
Although not traditional in the normal way, this quilt takes you back in time a bit, with lots of sewing bits, and
the baby clothing.  It was part of an exhibit where the same people were provided the same fabric and each created something unique.  I thought this was a nice memory piece.
There were also several quilts in one section that depicted homelessness. They brought tears to my eyes. I don't see pictures on the camera of those. It was a fun day, and I am actually glad we went today because it was not so busy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Horsham Art show in October - November

Last year was my first year entering a local art show that is put on by the Horsham library and the Horsham Preservation and Historical Association. I was asked to enter again this year and have three pieces that
I am putting in the show. This one is Bear Cove at Squam Lake which I did while sitting at a dock in Bear Cove on Squam Lake. It may actually already be sold.

This next one is "River". You cannot see the glint of the water in the picture, however it does. I needled in some wool that had been previously felted with angelina partially then abandoned as a failed experiment and reused.

This last one is one of my personal favorites, "Trail through the woods".It reminds me of a path in the Pocono Mountains at a State Park.  I must tell you that my daughter took these three photos of my pieces for me.  Since the show requires the pieces be mounted, and I was told they like them behind glass, I have put these behind glass. I normally prefer to NOT mount felt art behind glass but made an exception here.

Last year I had 3 pieces in the show and all 3 sold.  I am hoping to be able to sell all three this year as well, as part of the proceeds go to the library and the Horsham Preservation and Historical Association.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Felt art card arrived!

Yesterday I was pleased to find an envelope in my mailbox from Joei a fellow guild member. The guild is awesome and filled with felters who are very supportive. You can find more information on it here, Northeast feltmakers guild. At each meeting we now exchange felt art cards, but at the last meeting I forgot mine and so did Joei.  She is an awesome felt artist and we share a birthday.
I, of course forgot to photograph my card before mailing it, but here is a little piece of Joei's felt art that I am now proud to own. Art thats felt is her blog.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Felt and Bees

I did get a little more done on my layout of felt coat fabric.  I have three colors of wool that I purchased
in Vermont. A purple, light blue and dark green. I also purchased a matching silk which you see on top. I am laying this out on a cotton voile that is light blue. 
I still need to finish the lay out, then felt it. I can see how this matches up with my pattern. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

I have a friend who has been talking about and studying  beekeeping for years. She finally jumped in and got her bees. We went to visit her last night to see her new bees. She is so very excited. My husband is also now interested in bees. He has agreed to help her when she needs it.  I just want to know when the honey is ready!