Saturday, August 28, 2010

Preserving the harvest.

Recently my fur baby Lab, Moose has had ear infections so he is on a special diet and can have only apple slices for treats. So I dug out my old dehydrater from the attic and have been making him apple slices, dehydrated and he and his sister dog love them.  It makes great cheap dog treats and approved by the ear vet.

So, its also raspberry picking time, and tomato time, and this year we have a garden with red, yellow and poblano peppers growing.  This was this mornings harvest.   Being in a productive mood today, I decided to go to the farmers market also and got some beets, jalapeno peppers, apples and corn and red cabbage.

The tomatoes are in the dehydrator with the apple slices. The tomatoes are being dried, and stored in a canning jar with olive oil and some will be frozen.  The jalapenos have been canned - a first effort at this for me.  The red, yellow and poblano peppers will be fire roasted and probably frozen. The beets and corn are for dinner tomorrow, and the red cabbage, well I am not sure what I plan for that.

Tomorrow I hope its back to felting as my future jacket is rolled up partially layed out and crying to be finished.  Fresh veggies and fruit will not wait, and unlike the raspberries, which I will make into jam, jelly, syrup and puree this year, they can't be frozen until I have enough to can.

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