Sunday, August 29, 2010

A busy day again

I love my Stainless steel juice extractor steamer. It is an awesome tool.  We had some grapes that my daughter picked last week on a picnic and they have seeds, so hard to eat.  Tossed em in here, smushed em with my smusher tool and juice comes out.
See the oregano/garlic vinegar on the left behind the juice. and the awesome raspberry crisp below.
Ok the dogs get me up early. I picked a quart of raspberries to make the crisp, chopped a head of red cabbage to try out a sweet and sour red cabbage recipe, snipped the oregano that I thought was tarragon but I was wrong, made the grape juice, packed up the rest of the dried up tomatos and its only 11AM.

I definitely will need a nap today later!  Hope I have energy left to do some felting.

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