Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making a new blanket

Since my blanket at the workshop with Polly Stirling did not work out like I wanted, I decided to make another one. This time smaller pieces that will be sewed together. I am using a silk gauze from Dharma Trading that I have dyed
in pale green and blue. For the first piece I grabbed purple because I have a lot of it.  This is a merino wool that I purchased from Outback Fibers.

I tried a new technique for this.  I have a Feltcrafts felt rolling machine that I purchased used.
Once I had the piece layed out, wet down, and rolled up I put it on the rolling machine for 20 minutes.
When I unrolled it the fibers were already going through the silk. I felted it a bit more by hand, then tossed it into the dryer on air fluff with a towel. It did the rest of the work for me. I was able to lay out the next piece while waiting for the first to finish. This is the back side of the piece.

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