Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lessons learned in felting and questions asked...

When I went to the blanket felting workshop, we had homework to do, and I thought i would do the silk paper fish and put it on a blue background. That was fine. What did not work was other changes I made.
First I was going to use a silk gauze and measured my wool based on that.
I ended up using a silk organza which is harder to felt. It also left me with less wool because it was wider.
When I layed out the wool, I did not take this into consideration.
I layed it to thick in one direction and then rather than cut my project to two pieces I did not lay enough on for the second layer to make it shrink properly.

My blanket pieces therefore did not shrink in proportion.  And they are still in need of felting because of the use of the silk organza is really harder to felt. 

So how can I save this project?
Do I felt these three pieces harder, cut them up and sew a blanket?
Should I use what I have to make a wall hanging which would not require a harder felt?
What other options would make sense?

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