Monday, June 28, 2010

Curtain panel for the living room

I spent part of the weekend felting. My first project was a curtain panel that I wanted to make for the living room window.  Its a no sew panel of cotton gauze. I may decide to over dye it later.  I folded over the cotton at the top so I could get a curtain rod through it. Put wool roving along the fold to hold it. then I put long strips of roving every 12 inches going down the length.  I like the drape, and plan to make a second panel for the window to match.  It's larger than my table so I had to improvise. I put the wool down, felted it some, scrunched it up and pulled the fabric up. Lay more wool down and so on. Here is what it looks like in my window. I rather like it. Of course I need more panels since the insulating curtains are covering the rest of the window.  Its nice to let the morning light in. By late morning the sun is so strong the window must be covered or the room heats up too much.

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