Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Fun

Well I just was outside for a very long time, running the snow blower, shoveling the front walk and uncovering my car. We have at least a foot of snow maybe a bit more here. Its still snowing and I would not be surprised to see another 6 inches before its done. All this work I did will have to be done all over again at the end of the snow. Unless a big wind blows it all off my driveway like the leaves in the fall, but its doubtful.
I took a half way uncovered car picture. That yellow thing in the front is this fantastic telescoping car snow remover with big brush /rubber window squeegie on one end and an ice scraper on the other. I can open it up all the way and do not ever have to lean over the car and get all snowy. Thanks Jim!!
My dogs who cheer me on. Yeah Mom shoot the snow blower at us again. Ok how about throwing a shovel full of snow on top of us please......

Looking down the street you can see only a part of the sidewalk that I have cleared here. There's alot more of it.
This is the car before I cleared the drive and moved it.

The kids looking for me to come play.

The Sky is Falling

Lots of snow coming down here today as the giant storm dumps white flakes on our heads.
12 inches so far and probably another 6 or so to fall today.