Thursday, November 25, 2010

Felt flowers

I am visiting my friend Lori and her family. Her daughter is going on a people to people trip next summer and is looking for a way to earn some money. I showed her how to make felt flowers and we made a bunch together. They came out wonderfully awesome.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Am visiting my friend lori for Thanksgiving. I showed her how to needlefelt. Just the basics. She is already a great artist so the results did not surprise me at all. Here is her beautiful hummingbird.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inspired by Nature

At the recent Northeast Feltmakers Guild meeting in NJ, I took some pictures on a short walk.
I am always inspired by nature.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We felt the same way, but different

I love hearing from other felters, especially those around the world. I am limited in that I only speak English, but I really enjoy looking at all of the work felters do, even if I cannot read the blog.  I received a very nice comment from a woman in Spain. So I looked at her blog.

It has always amazed me at how people can take wool and create such very different things.  Trudis makes felt in different ways. For her wall hangings, she uses the felt as a canvas and paints on it with acrylics.
Check out her work on her blog.

And I cannot post without a photo so here is a picture of a tree in New Jersey USA in full autumn gold.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A South African felter

I received an email from a felter in South Africa who makes some very beautiful pieces. She was asking about some information I had on silk paper for felting.

 From Pascale in South Africa
It is a lonely world for felters out here. There are just a handful of us and spread very far apart so we learn by google, and then try our own things out. It is still a bit confusing for people in South Africa as to what felt actually is, because although we are the fourth largest producer of merino in the world, it has all been exported for many years, mainly to Germany, Italy and Spain, who make it into their exciting and beautiful yarn, and clothing etc. So if I want to buy 100% yarn, it comes from overseas. Very dispiriting. So I make my own yarn as well and dye it too and often use it in felting projects. Most of my customers are from Europe and some from America, but I haven’t got any marketing things in place – no time.

I got excited by felting because it is so quick and you can literally do anything with it and all my creative nature comes out. 

Here are some photos of what she makes or has made in the past. This is just beautiful work. I wanted to share with her permission.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My quilt is on its way back

I have dabbled a bit in quilting, although felting is my favorite thing to do.  Awhile ago I made a quilt top of asian fabrics and a modified pattern. I like jelly roll quilts as they are easy for me to do and they go together fairly quickly.  I finished this top and was just not sure what to do next to it. So, lucky me, I have a neice who has a machine quilting business.   She worked her magic on my poor little quilt and
all I can say is WOW!  Its on its way back to me but she sent me this picture of the finished quilt. I am so excited to see it in person. If you know of anyone who needs an awesome machine quilter send them to Bethany. She does an amazing job.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Latest project is an old rework

I started this many years ago and pulled it out recently and began to rework it a bit. The original base is handmade felt sewn to a muslin background and embellished. I removed some of the embellishments and began to add details with free motion stitching. This is my first mobile blog post so I am not sure how well this will turn out.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quilt Show in Oaks

My daughter and I went to the quilt show today in Oaks.  She took the pictures and I am not sure there are photos of all the ones I like but here are a few.  I liked this one because of the unique way they used the different types of fabrice. You cannot tell from this, but the buildings were done in different upholstery fabric and even burlap. It added great texture to the piece.

I liked this quilt because of the sheep. Each one was done in a different way, and many were using wool that looked like it had been felted.
This one was really cool. Reminded me of the sun.  Gradient dyed fabric doilies were used and it would look nice in my kitchen with my sun collection.
Although not traditional in the normal way, this quilt takes you back in time a bit, with lots of sewing bits, and
the baby clothing.  It was part of an exhibit where the same people were provided the same fabric and each created something unique.  I thought this was a nice memory piece.
There were also several quilts in one section that depicted homelessness. They brought tears to my eyes. I don't see pictures on the camera of those. It was a fun day, and I am actually glad we went today because it was not so busy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Horsham Art show in October - November

Last year was my first year entering a local art show that is put on by the Horsham library and the Horsham Preservation and Historical Association. I was asked to enter again this year and have three pieces that
I am putting in the show. This one is Bear Cove at Squam Lake which I did while sitting at a dock in Bear Cove on Squam Lake. It may actually already be sold.

This next one is "River". You cannot see the glint of the water in the picture, however it does. I needled in some wool that had been previously felted with angelina partially then abandoned as a failed experiment and reused.

This last one is one of my personal favorites, "Trail through the woods".It reminds me of a path in the Pocono Mountains at a State Park.  I must tell you that my daughter took these three photos of my pieces for me.  Since the show requires the pieces be mounted, and I was told they like them behind glass, I have put these behind glass. I normally prefer to NOT mount felt art behind glass but made an exception here.

Last year I had 3 pieces in the show and all 3 sold.  I am hoping to be able to sell all three this year as well, as part of the proceeds go to the library and the Horsham Preservation and Historical Association.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Felt art card arrived!

Yesterday I was pleased to find an envelope in my mailbox from Joei a fellow guild member. The guild is awesome and filled with felters who are very supportive. You can find more information on it here, Northeast feltmakers guild. At each meeting we now exchange felt art cards, but at the last meeting I forgot mine and so did Joei.  She is an awesome felt artist and we share a birthday.
I, of course forgot to photograph my card before mailing it, but here is a little piece of Joei's felt art that I am now proud to own. Art thats felt is her blog.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Felt and Bees

I did get a little more done on my layout of felt coat fabric.  I have three colors of wool that I purchased
in Vermont. A purple, light blue and dark green. I also purchased a matching silk which you see on top. I am laying this out on a cotton voile that is light blue. 
I still need to finish the lay out, then felt it. I can see how this matches up with my pattern. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

I have a friend who has been talking about and studying  beekeeping for years. She finally jumped in and got her bees. We went to visit her last night to see her new bees. She is so very excited. My husband is also now interested in bees. He has agreed to help her when she needs it.  I just want to know when the honey is ready!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A busy day again

I love my Stainless steel juice extractor steamer. It is an awesome tool.  We had some grapes that my daughter picked last week on a picnic and they have seeds, so hard to eat.  Tossed em in here, smushed em with my smusher tool and juice comes out.
See the oregano/garlic vinegar on the left behind the juice. and the awesome raspberry crisp below.
Ok the dogs get me up early. I picked a quart of raspberries to make the crisp, chopped a head of red cabbage to try out a sweet and sour red cabbage recipe, snipped the oregano that I thought was tarragon but I was wrong, made the grape juice, packed up the rest of the dried up tomatos and its only 11AM.

I definitely will need a nap today later!  Hope I have energy left to do some felting.

The fruits of my work preserving the harvest

It does not look like much, but three pints of roasted red and yellow peppers, one and a half of roasted poblano peppers, five jars of pickled jalapeno peppers, dried poblanos, dried apple slices and a quart jar of tomatoes stored in olive oil.
Since I have all my canning supplies out I may start on the raspberries today. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Preserving the harvest.

Recently my fur baby Lab, Moose has had ear infections so he is on a special diet and can have only apple slices for treats. So I dug out my old dehydrater from the attic and have been making him apple slices, dehydrated and he and his sister dog love them.  It makes great cheap dog treats and approved by the ear vet.

So, its also raspberry picking time, and tomato time, and this year we have a garden with red, yellow and poblano peppers growing.  This was this mornings harvest.   Being in a productive mood today, I decided to go to the farmers market also and got some beets, jalapeno peppers, apples and corn and red cabbage.

The tomatoes are in the dehydrator with the apple slices. The tomatoes are being dried, and stored in a canning jar with olive oil and some will be frozen.  The jalapenos have been canned - a first effort at this for me.  The red, yellow and poblano peppers will be fire roasted and probably frozen. The beets and corn are for dinner tomorrow, and the red cabbage, well I am not sure what I plan for that.

Tomorrow I hope its back to felting as my future jacket is rolled up partially layed out and crying to be finished.  Fresh veggies and fruit will not wait, and unlike the raspberries, which I will make into jam, jelly, syrup and puree this year, they can't be frozen until I have enough to can.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A walk on the causeway in Vermont

While we were in Vermont, we visited an old railroad that had been turned into a path for bikers and walkers.
It extends about three miles out into Lake Champlain towards the Islands, and sometimes there is a bike ferry at the end so bikers can go over to the islands and continue on their journey. My husband walked out to the end and went fishing and I walked out for a short bit with him. The scenery is beautiful but you must walk to one side to keep out of the way of the hoards of bikes that travel down the path.  Here are a few of the pictures I took on the causeway.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The cows of Burlington VT

On a recent trip to VT for the Northeast Feltmakers Guild meeting I took several trips on Church Street.  They have fiberglass cows that have been decorated by different artists on display. In the area of Pennsylvania that I live in I have seen Mules and Bears.  It was fun being able to get close to get pictures of the cows. Here are a few of my favorites.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A beautiful Barn

We have friends who have an old house with a really neat barn. I love taking pictures of it. Its not a standard looking barn.  I wish it was my barn because then I can imagine having a huge felting studio inside and being able to have workshops etc...