Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun in the Rain

So I spent the weekend doing a variety of things. Went Geocaching in the rain Friday and Saturday. And when it was not raining on Sunday. This is my third earthcache at Ringing Rocks PA where you bang a hammer on the rocks and yes they RING! So I am now a bronze earthcacher. Woo Hoo! Ok so little things make me happy.
Got to see "The Cousins" who have all grown up and looking great, even if they do have "accents".

Took lots of pictures but, alas they are not on the card but on the camera which I, of course, cannot find the right cord to download. I will find it when I am not looking for it.

Then leaving the hotel this morning in Hawley PA my husband spotted this deer standing on a concrete wall eating stuff from a tree. Not a place I would choose to eat breakfast since it was a pretty far drop.

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  1. We don't got accents! You outta' come down here to hear the authentic southern twang. LOL!