Saturday, December 27, 2008

sewing frenzy

Its been a while since i have posted, and I need to take some pictures of what I have been working on. Sewing frenzy is what my DH called it. Christmas placemats from the Moda Merry and Bright fabrics, and then a coiled hot pad or two, then pot holders, table runners. And here is a quilt I did that I wanted to post but had to wait until after I gave it to the recipient before I posted it. Its not a picture of it when done, but almost. It did turn out nice.

I need to get back to my felting. I received some beautiful roving for Christmas and have an idea forming in my brain. Maybe tomorrow I will be felting again.


  1. Happy new year.

    I love that quilt. is it a pattern?

  2. Yes it is a pattern out of the book Strip Delight by Suzanne McNeill .
    Its called "Decadent Victorian" and I used Moda Portabello Market strips to make it.