Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cyanotype on fabric

Cyanotype on Fabric
I am currently taking a cyanotype class at the Flower City Art Center in Rochester NY,  in which I am creating negatives from digital images. Once I have the negative I print it on paper.

You can also create photograms and print them on fabric, not just paper. A photogram is placing objects on coated paper and exposing it via the sun or a special light to leave the imprint of the objects on the fabric or paper.

I ordered some fabric from Dharma Trading that is already prepared for cyanotype and this morning, although it was a somewhat cloudy morning I wanted to give it a try.

First I snipped some leaves from the red maple in my front flower bed and placed it on the fabric which I had put on a piece of white foamcore. Then placed a piece of plexiglass on top and put it in the back yard on the table. Since there was no sunlight I checked it every 15 minutes and after an hour felt it was exposed enough. On a sunny day it could take as little as 5 minutes.

 After removing the glass and the material this is what it looked like. You can see the color of the fabric had changed.

 I then placed it in a pan and ran water over it. I added a dash of hydrogen peroxide which speeds the process up a bit, and then gave it a running bath for ten minutes.
 You can see the color has changed to blue after washing it in water. It now drys on a towel.
I plan to explore this with photographs on fabric, and different types of fabric. I have also purchased the chemicals to coat my own fabrics so that I can experiment more. This is cotton fabric.
The blue is much more vibrant but did not photograph well for me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Red Rose Scarf

Way back in June I started to felt again but did not have my studio setup yet. I had an idea in my head I needed to get it in fiber so I did the layout.

I call this the Red Rose Scarf which is Black Silk Gauze from Dharma trading and a red - forget the actual name of the color red- from Outback Fibers. You can see the progression of the process in these photos

The rose above repeated randomly on the black silk.

partially felted

Fully felted scarf

The final results - Just finished in October 2016 after several months of laying on the table a lonely unfinished scarf.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The finished piece

The final piece finished. Edges cut and sealed but not bound 
Measures approximately 29 inches or 74 cm 

 It has several planets, and the blue nebs appear star like and it is somewhat nautical. I am hoping to mount it and hang it on the wall, because the thread work would not handle being walked on for too long, and it will make it a bit  more dog hair free to hang it. Below is a detail shot.   

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 3 at Deb's Barn for Martien's Mandala class.

I thought I had done all of my stitching last night but when I got there this morning Martien suggested some additional stitching. Then it was time to put the back on. I chose Charcoal gray to darken the bright red on the front.

 And this is the wonderful instructor Martien, so patient and with such a wonderful sense of humor. I learned a lot from her.
 After much rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling my nearly finished felted and fulled piece which needs a binding. I brought it home, hosed it down and the dog got watered. Now it's drying and then will be ready for the next step.
 And my friend Sue who is an amazing felter working on her piece which is a story of her serious car accident several years ago. She is one of the most determined people I know and very talented. It was through her that I had the chance to meet Deb.